Servo Motor Repairs

Facilities exist in-house for the fabrication and replacement of damaged components like Shaft. End covers, Commutators, Slipring, Rocker assemblies, etc. of Rotating Electrical Machines.

The organization manufactures various types of special coils for AC’DC & HT/LT machines like Epoxy Moulded Coils for HT machines, Rotating field Coils of Alternators, Interpole’field Coils for DC machines, etc. These coils are made on the latest state-of-the-art machines.

  • 1
    Fabrication/Replacement of Shafts/End Covers of AC/DC Machines.
  • 2
    Stator/Rotor Core Staggering/Varnishing
  • 3
    Repairing of AVRs of Alternators.
  • 4
    Manufacturing of Molded Coils for HT Motors/Alternators.